Ana Be’Choach


A’na Be’Cho’ach Ge’du’lat Ye’min’cha Ta’tir Tze’ru’ra.
Ka’bel Ri’nat Am’cha, Sag’vei’nu, Ta’ha’rei’nu, No’ra.
Na, Gi’bor, Dor’shei Yi’chud’cha Ke’Va’vat Sham’rem. Bar’chem, Ta’ha’rem, Ra’cha’mem Tzid’kat’cha, Ta’mid Gam’lem. Cha’sin Ka’dosh, Be’rov Tuv’cha Na’hel A’da’te’cha. Ya’chid Gei’eh, Le’Am’cha P’neh, Zoch’rei Ke’du’sha’te’cha. Shav’a’tei’nu Ka’bel, U’She’ma Tza’a’ka’tei’nu, Yo’de’a Ta’a’lu’mot.


We implore You, by the great power of Your right hand, to set free the bound one.
Accept the prayers of Your people, strengthen us, purify us, O awesome One.
Almighty heroic God, those who foster Your Oneness, guard them like the pupil of an eye. Bless them, purify them, have pity on them, and may Your righteousness always lead your people to the truth.
Powerful Holy One, with Your abundant goodness – guide Your congregation.
Unique and exalted God – turn to Your nation, those who are mindful of Your holiness. Accept our prayers and hear our cry – Thou who Knowest all mysteries.