Acharei Moti


 A’cha’rei Moti Sif’du Ka’cha Li:
Ha’ya Ish – U’Re’u – Ei’ne’nu Od.
Ko’dem Zma’no Meit Ha’Ish Ha’Ze, Ve’Shi’rat Cha’yav Be’Em’tza Nif’se’ka.
Ve’Tzar Me’od! Od Miz’mor E’chad Ha’yah Lo, Ve’Hi’nei A’vad Ha’Miz’mor La’ad, A’vad La’ad!


After my death, say this eulogy for me: “There was a man who died before his time,
leaving his poetry, the song of his life, unfinished.
And what a shame! He had one more song to sing, and now it’s gone. That song is lost – lost forever.”


Poem by Chaim Nachman Bialik – Israel’s National Poet.