Celebrate Purim with music from the Recorded Sound Archives!

By , March 18, 2016 4:36 pm

Purim 2016PURIM, which, in English, means [drawing] LOTS, is about the book of Esther which is also known in Hebrew as Megillah (the Scroll).  It is a book in the third section of Ketuvim (Writings) of the Jewish Tanakh (Hebrew Bible).  It relates to the story of a Hebrew girl in Persia, born as Hadassah but known as Esther (niece of Mordechai), who becomes Queen of Persia and thwarts the genocide of her people by the wicked Haman, a high official in the court of King Achashverosh.

Haman sought to annihilate all the Jews, Mordechai’s people, throughout King Achashverosh’s’ entire kingdom.  For Haman plotted against the Jews to destroy them, and he cast a “pur”, which is a LOT, to shatter and destroy them. For this reason, they call these days “Purim,” after the pur.

The story forms the core of the Jewish festival of Purim, during which it is read aloud twice: once in the evening and again the following morning. A Purim party often takes place during this time where children dress up in costumes usually relevant to the story of Purim. It’s a fun time for everyone including adults!

Here at the Recorded Sound Archives, we have put together a collection of over 20 recordings for you to enjoy with family and friends this Purim.


Recently Added to Research Station (March 2016)

By , March 11, 2016 3:27 pm

Did you know the Recorded Sound Archives at FAU Libraries has over 49,000 albums along with over 150,000 songs in its databases, which is growing everyday with the help of volunteers? With so many recordings to choose from, we have given Research Station users the ability to request items be digitized.

Below you’ll find a list of recordings that were recently added in March from requests made by Research Station Users.


Recently Added Music*

Memoire liturgique juive d’Alsace – Shabath by Michel Heymann

The 19th Annual Israeli Chassidic Festival ’87 by Various Artists

Shema Kolenu by Sawel Kwartin and Mordechai Hershma

1990 Chassidic Song Festival by Various Artists

Rare Cantorial Music by Sawel Kwartin

Original Kwartin Compositions by Sawel Kwartin

Cantorial Gems – Volume 2 by Cantor Sawel Kwartin and Gershon Sirota

 Rachel by Arik Lavi

El Al Songs of Israel – Volume 2 by Various Artists

Yom Kippur Chants, Volume 3 by Sawel Kwartin

Cantor Zawel Kwartin Sings his Best Cantorial Works by Sawel Kwartin

Cantor Lubin Sings by S. Lubin

Tefilo Zacho by Sawel Kwartin

Golden Voices of Israel by Sawel Kwartin

Cantorial by Sawel Kwartin

Hateh Elokai Oznecho by Israel Schorr

Sarah Come Back To The Range by Les Benson and His Monticello Mounties

Komiz Alef by Pinchas Jassinowsky

Numskull Jack & Happy Family by Paul Leyssac


See a recording that hasn’t been digitized?

As a research station user you can request it using the Music on Demand forms on the website.

*Please note, due to copyright some of these recordings may only play for 45 second snippet to give the user a taste of what this music sounded like back in the day, if you are interested in full access considering applying for Research Station Access. Access to Research Station is limited to educators, students and serious researchers.

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